How certain are you that your sump pump will work?

The BEACON® ProAct® 200 is THE must-have improvement to your existing sump pump system.
The ProAct® 200 continuously monitors AND tests
over a dozen critical points of failure under actual-use conditions.

What is the Beacon® ProAct® 200?

The BEACON® ProAct® 200 is patented technology that transforms your low-tech sump pump into an intelligent, self-testing and monitoring system that insures that when the rains come, your basement will be dry!

  • Transforms ordinary sump pumps into intelligent emergency equipment.
  • Awarded 10 patents for its ground breaking technology
  • Aviation-quality design, components and fabrication
  • Owned, managed and manufactured in the USA

What Does the Beacon® ProAct® 200 Do?

The BEACON® ProAct® 200 monitors AND tests your entire sump pump system, constantly monitoring critical components to insure they are fully-functional and ready for rain.

  • Proactively tests sump pump systems under actual-use conditions
  • Checks all system components in addition to the pump motor
  • On-demand testing and reporting via phone app
  • Alerts function even during power failures
  • Works with virtually any brand of sump pump
What’s YOUR Cost of a Basement Flood?

Is the Beacon® ProAct® 200 Hard to Install?

The BEACON® ProAct® 200 works with virtually all sump pumps and existing pump configurations including single, dual and battery-backup pump installations.


  • All of the components required to install the ProAct® 200, with the exception of a cold water feed, are included in the box.

  • Installation is simple and takes between two and three hours by a competent plumber. No special skills are required.

  • Customer service hotline to answer any questions you or your plumber might have.

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Why Sump Pump Alarms Are Always Too Late

Sump pump alarms provide limited, late information:

  • Water is at an emergency level in your sump pit RIGHT NOW
  • Something unidentified has gone wrong rendering your pump useless or at a diminished capacity
  • You’ve got very little time to identify the problem, purchase any items needed for a repair, and to return the system to operation

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