A Problem in Need of a Solution

Like most new, “why didn’t I think about that” products, the Pro-Act® 200 was inspired by a real-world problem. As the story is told, a good friend of a Beacon employee suffered a flooded basement because his sump pump system failed. Weeks later, after the basement had dried, and the soaked furniture and family remembrances were tossed to the curb, the despondent homeowner asked his engineer-friend from Beacon to investigate why his relatively new sump pump failed.

After examining the pump, the Beacon engineer quickly discovered that the failure was caused by a simple switch.  In essence, a part that might cost a dollar or two had led to a catastrophic system failure that resulted in the flooding of the homeowner’s basement.

"If Only It Could Test Itself "

In that moment the Beacon engineer realized that every sump pump system had a fatal flaw – there was no self-test mechanism that could identify critical system failures before the system was needed in an emergency.

Embracing the challenge, the Beacon Technical Systems team soon realized that all of the existing “alarm” systems on the market only react to sump pump failures when the pump is required to operate — when it is too late to take corrective action. After extensive research and investment, Beacon engineers developed the BEACON® ProAct® 200.

The BEACON® ProAct® 200 is the only system that tests your sump pump system under real-world conditions insuring that when it rains, your sump pump system will work.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

The ProAct® 200’s groundbreaking technology is covered by 12 US Patents. With technology designed, fabricated and assembled here in the United States. We’re proud that the BEACON® ProAct® 200 wears the Made in USA label.

Each ProAct® 200 is assembled and tested in our state-of-the-art facility in northern Illinois using the highest-quality materials and tooling. Our attention to detail, such as the aircraft quality connectors, insure that the product you receive will work without fail for many years to come.

At Beacon, safety and quality go hand-in-hand. Unlike many in the industry, we have designed and tested the ProAct® 200 to meet or exceed the rigid Underwriters Laboratories standards and have been certified for safety.

We back each unit up with a 3 Year limited warranty.

Beacon Technical Systems, LLC is based in Waukegan, Illinois.