Despite common misconceptions, everyone is at risk for flood damage at some point of their life. As the #1 natural disaster in the USA, flooding is incredibly common, even in areas that are not defined as a high risk flood zone.


According to NFIP, high risk zones are defined by having a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30 year mortgage. People that live in a high risk flood zone are required by federal law to have flood insurance. Outside of high risk flood zones, flood insurance is completely optional but opting out can risky.


For example, after years of drought, parts of California have experienced severe flash floods over the last couple weeks. This unexpected flooding leaves homeowners with destroyed basements and loss of valuable property.  In San Jose, CA alone, the estimated flood damage is said to be at least $100 million. 


More than 20% of flood insurance claims come from outside of high risk zones but there are also lots of homeowners that do not have flood insurance policies and cannot file claims.


One thing that people can do to protect themselves from unexpected flood damage is to have a sump pump installed in their home.  When the water level in a home reaches a critical level, the sump pump will kick in and help remove the water, mitigating damages.  Sump pumps do fail, however, so it is important to have a flood protection contingency plan in place.  That is where the Beacon ProAct® 200 comes into play.  


The ProAct® 200 is the only sump pump test and monitoring system on the market that PROACTIVELY tests every component of a sump pump installation under actual use conditions by admitting fresh water into the sump pit automatically every 7 days.  By running fresh water through the system weekly, the ProAct® 200 is able to detect any system failure and reports successful and unsuccessful tests to homeowners via text, email, and mobile app alert.  This gives homeowners critical extra time to fix any problems PRIOR to unexpected flooding. To learn more about the ProAct® 200 or to find a Trusted Plumbing Contractor please call us at: 800-968-6760.



*Statistics presented in this article come from FEMA and NFIP.