It’s the first day of spring and that means it’s time to watch out for environmental factors that can contribute to flooding.

Purchase Beacon ProAct® 200Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as spring showers can increase a homeowners risk of flooding. Although heavy rainfall is an obvious risk, even just several days of light rain in a row can contribute to flooding in residential neighborhoods.


In addition to rainfall, springtime brings warmer temperatures that cause late season snow to melt. The ground becomes extra saturated and homeowners may experience wetness in their basement as a result of the snow melt.


Household Factors

No matter what time of year it is, there are several things to watch for within your home that can cause flooding. Maintaining appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines and toilets is essential to preventing a household flood. Regularly inspecting each and checking for blockage can save you big time. We recommend calling a certified plumber to help maintain your appliances.


How to avoid flooding?

There are many things that cause flooding in your basement. If you have a working sump pump installed, flooding can be mitigated and damage avoided. Unfortunately, sump pumps fail more often than you would think. That is why Beacon engineered the ProAct® 200. The sump pump test and monitoring system proactively tests every component of a sump pump installation and notifies the homeowner of successful and unsuccessful tests.  


What makes the ProAct® 200 different from other monitoring systems on the market?  

The ProAct® 200 tests every 7 days under actual use conditions by admitting measured amounts of fresh water into the sump pit.  By forcing the system to run every week, the homeowner can feel confident that the system is fully functioning.  If there are any issues detected, the homeowner is immediately alerted and they can call a plumber to fix the issue BEFORE an unexpected flood. The ProAct® 200 is available to purchase direct from your local plumber! Purchase your ProAct® 200 today and never worry about sump pump failure again!