Flood Damage is Expensive

If you are in the insurance business, you know first hand how expensive it is to fix flood damage when a homeowner makes an insurance claim. Did you know that there was a way to minimize the amount of flood damage insurance claims that you get each year?

Luckily, Beacon has come up with an innovative system to minimize the risk of floods in a home due to sump pump failure. Introducing the ProAct® 200 – the only PROACTIVE sump pump test and monitoring system on the market and your new best friend. By recommending the Beacon® ProAct® 200 to all of your clients, you are significantly reducing the likelihood that you’ll be on the hook for a flood insurance claim. Sump pump failures account for a large percent of flood damage claims and the Beacon ProAct® 200 was engineered to solve for unexpected flooding due to undetected sump pump failure.

How does it work?

The ProAct® 200 monitors a sump pump installation 24/7 and PROACTIVELY tests the primary and backup pumps each week under actual operating conditions by admitting measured amounts of fresh water into the sump pit and forcing the system to work. An alert is sent to the homeowner in the event of a failed test and the homeowner has precious extra time to fix the problem BEFORE a flood. Optionally, the ProAct® 200 can send a second alert to a technician or plumber.

The ProAct® 200 is the only system on the market that can promise this level of protection. All other competitor systems are merely high water alerts which does the homeowner no good in a real life flood situation. With over 10 US patents, the Beacon system is truly unique.

How can I get one in my own home?

To acquire a ProAct® 200 for your home, please contact Beacon at: 1-800-968-6760 or send us an email at: info@sumptest.com. Beacon is committed to connecting you with a trusted plumbing contractor in your area for the installation of the ProAct® 200!

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