Comparing Apples to Oranges

Comparing the Beacon ProAct® 200 to another monitoring system on the market is like comparing apples to oranges.

apples to oranges

Why?  A monitoring system and a testing system are two very different things. It is a common mistake to put the ProAct® 200 into the monitoring category when in reality, it belongs in a category of its own. See, unlike all other systems on the market, Beacon has engineered a TESTING system which is far more comprehensive than a simple monitoring device. And while the ProAct® 200 does have a monitoring function, what makes it unique is the ability to test your entire sump pump installation under actual use conditions.

Every 7 days, an automatic test is initiated by admitting measured amounts of fresh water into the sump pit and forcing the system to pump out the water. The system engages both the primary pump and backup battery pump in order to ensure that all components of your system are in working order. Additionally, homeowners can initiate a manual test either through the mobile app or by pressing the test button on the Beacon controller unit. By testing the system in actual use conditions, the Beacon ProAct® 200 is able to detect any faulty components before an unexpected flood, saving its customers thousands of dollars in potential damages.

With over 10 US and foreign patents, this technology is unique and like no other system on the market. All “competitors” are merely high water alarms that alert a homeowner to a flood when it is too late.  It is better to know about a problem before a flood so you have precious extra time to fix your system. The ProAct® 200 is proactive by nature and is the ultimate protection against water damage. 

Check out our comparison chart for more specifics!


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