The BEACON® ProAct® 200 transforms a low-tech sump pump into an intelligent, self-testing and self-monitoring system that keeps your client and you informed about the sump pump system’s health.

  • Proactively tests sump pump systems under actual-use conditions
  • Checks all system components in addition to the pump motor
  • On-demand testing and reporting via phone app
  • Alerts function even during power failures
  • Works with virtually any brand of sump pump

The ProAct 200 Plumber Referral Program

Beacon is committed to providing exceptional support to plumbing contractors looking to sell and install the ProAct® 200. Most consumers will want an experienced plumber to install the ProAct® 200 and Beacon wants to facilitate your relationship with the consumer.

Indeed, a successful Beacon ProAct® 200 installation starts with YOU, the plumbing expert!

We provide support to plumbing experts in three key areas:

  1. Training
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales

If the Beacon ProAct® 200 is new to you, we will assist you in becoming a successful installer not only increasing sales, but also deepening your ongoing relationship with each customer.

The Benefits of joining our free Plumbing Contractor Referral Program include:

  • Consumers interested in the ProAct® 200 are referred by Beacon to professionals in their immediate area.
  • Eligibility for special trade incentives and discounts
  • Free marketing materials to distribute among their existing customer base, increasing the likelihood of a sale.
  • Free installation and training materials

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