The BEACON® ProAct® 200
10 Patented Features To Insure
Your Sump Pump System Works When it Rains


Tests with Fresh Water That's Automatically Delivered Into Your Sump Pit

The BEACON® ProAct® 200 is the only sump pump backup system and monitoring device that tests the functionality of the sump pump installation by periodically sending fresh water into the sump pit. Includes internal backflow protection IAPMO R&T certified under UPC and to ASME A 112.1. 3-2000.


Control Monitor Easily Identifies a Problem

  • LED lights indicate the status of all major components of the sump pump installation, including mechanical and electrical pump failures, power interruptions and high water level.
  • Audible alarm sounds if there’s a problem.
  • Sophisticated state-of-the art microprocessor circuit continuously monitors pump operation
  • Internal battery allows the controller to send an alert message to you even during a power outage. (Requires prepaid BEACON® subscription and an active wifi connection)
  • Monitor can be mounted where it’s most easily seen – on a wall or to the discharge pipe of the monitored sump pump.

Integrated Wifi Feature Sends You Real-Time Alerts and Notifications by Text, Email and/or your BEACON® Mobile App Wherever You Are

  • Remotely run a test on your sump pump system – right from your phone app!
  • Receive alerts by text (SMS), email, and/or mobile app (requires prepaid BEACON® subscription).
  • You can configure the alert feature to automatically send a real-time alert to your plumber when a problem occurs.
  • Receive comforting “All-Okay” notices as your BEACON® system completes its weekly test cycle so that you know your sump pump backup system is working!