Beacon ProAct Sump Pump Monitoring

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The Beacon ProAct Sump Pump Monitor application is a supplement to the webapp available at as a prepaid subscription. The application permits the owner of a Beacon ProAct device to:

  • remotely check on the operational status of sump pumps connected to a Beacon ProAct device
  • manage notification settings to receive real-time mobile alerts, via push notification, email or SMS (text) regarding the results of the automatic weekly tests of the operational status of such sump
  • manage notification settings to designate additional recipients of alert messages, including the plumber
  • manage user account settings and subscription plan payment info. The Beacon ProAct test and monitoring system conducts an automatic weekly cycle test of the entire sump pump system under actual use conditions.

This automated testing includes testing the primary pump by filling the sump pit with fresh water, and similar testing an associated battery backup pump (if present) by filling the sump pit with fresh water, as well as monitoring ambient environmental conditions and monitoring the vitality of the backup pump’s battery life. The Beacon ProAct device issues real-time alerts including alerts for: 1) successful and unsuccessful testing of the primary and back-up pumps; 2) AC power failure; 3) weak backup battery power; 4) high water level in the sump pit; and (5) low ambient room temperature. The Beacon ProAct Sump Pump Monitor application permits the user to remotely receive and review these alerts and to otherwise manage the owner’s Beacon Monitoring Service account. While download of the Beacon ProAct Sump Pump Monitor application is free, use of the application requires prior registration at and the purchase of a prepaid subscription to the Beacon Monitoring Service.

Subscribers are able to log in to the Application using their Beacon Monitoring Service owner account information

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