Are you one of countless homeowners who realized that your sump pump had stopped working only when you walked into an already flooded basement? If you are, you may have been convinced that a sump pump alarm would keep your basement from flooding the next time around. If this sounds even vaguely familiar, it’s time to have a discussion about sump pump alarms.

How Sump Pump Alarms Work

High water alarms differ significantly both mechanically and electronically, but their objective is the same. When the water in your sump pit rises above the level that the system can normally handle, a sensor or switch closes an electrical circuit and an electronic alarm sounds.

Some of the fancier and more expensive models have either Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity that transmits the alert to an installed app on your phone when the water rises above a safe level.

Despite any additional bells and whistles, virtually all sump pump alarms provide three fundamental pieces of information:

  • Water is at an emergency level in your sump pit RIGHT NOW
  • Something unidentified has gone wrong rendering your pump useless or at a diminished capacity
  • You’ve got very little time to identify the problem, purchase any items needed for a repair, and to return the system to operation

What Good is An Alarm When It's Too Late To do Anything?

Here’s a harsh reality.  Sump pump alarm and monitoring systems just do not give you enough time to prevent flooding in your basement because these systems rely on the presence of high ground/rain water levels in your sump pit. With a failed sump pump – or any of a dozen other reasons why a sump pump system could fail – there is nothing that will stop the ground/rain water from overflowing your pit and into your basement.

Imagine this.  It’s a Fall Monday morning and it’s been raining for a few hours. You’re at work and wondering if there is any water in the sump pit. As the rain continues to fall your mind wanders to the new couch in the basement and you start tallying up the cost if your basement does flood.

Suddenly, you get a text message from your new, $300 sump pump high water alarm alerting you that the water in the pit has risen above where the sump pump is supposed to be working.

The alarm did it’s job exactly an intended.

Unfortunately, you’re at work, thinking, “What am I going to do now!”

The Only Solution Is to Test BEFORE the Rains Come

The only way to insure that your basement won’t flood do to a sump pump system failure is to proactively test to make sure that both the primary and back-up systems are in good working order before the next storm. The patented BEACON ProAct™ 200 system is the only system that proactively tests all components of your sump pump installation under real operating conditions by automatically delivering fresh water into the sump pit.

And one more thing. The Beacon ProAct 200 will also tell you if water is rising too high in the pit.  The good thing is that it will alert you BEFORE the rains come!

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